Volts are one of the two drones spawned by the Magmatic Brute, the

A Volt.

y are gray spider-like quadruped that specialises in locking down heroes . They are normally spawned first in order to lockdown a hero, however they do not deal damage to their target, but its companion, Cinder, helps deal heavy damage to the target.


"Two drones protect each magmatic brute ... the other employs unkown means to snare targets in place for magmatic destruction."

-Lore from the Magmatic Brute


Volts have extremely low health, dying to any source of damage. Area effect abilities (even if Volt is in a Shifted Aura) will easily dispact the Volt and its counterpart, forcing the Magmatic Brute to spawn another.


Andromeda Alpha is ambushed by a lone Volt.

Something to watch out for are lone Volts that have been separated from their "mothers". Since they're not considered an "Operative" otherwise, they can silently lock down a hero without HELIX alerting the others.


  • Volts are special minions giving the fact that they are the only minions that lockdown heroes.
  • Volts are like Blazers, being Spawn minions because these enemies are only summoned by other Darkspore, in this case the Magmatic Brute.
  • Volts are named after an electric measurement unit used to measure electric power.
  • Volts have Char's feet.

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