Vaulting Amphiods
Vaulting Amphioid

A Vaulting Amphiod from Onslaught.

are Bio Operatives. These large hopping frog-like agents lock down heroes in an acidic substance that crystallizes on the targeted hero.

Their lock is their own toxic mucus that hardens and poisons the trapped hero, but only temporarily.


Ravaging monsters even before the Corruptor experimented on them, vaulting amphiods grew in both mind and menace. They are a key weapon in the Corrupter's arsenal, employing their agility during escapes and attacks so that enemies find them nearly impossible to strike with clubs, firearms or energy weapons. Amphiods can deliver a grotesque death to anyone in range of their toxic mucus, which they can expectorate at high speed over great distance.


  • Onslaught Variant: Vaulting Amphiod
Vaulting Amphiods, like all Lockdown Agents, only appear in Co-op. Dealing with them is easy if you stick with your team and attacking together it will work fine.

Unlike most agents, their lockdown is only temporary and the hero can be freed after the lockdown is over, but you will suffer heavy damage from their poisonous mucus, also unlike most agents they can lock down multiple heroes at a time, locking one after the next. They will usually flee after at least two heroes have been locked down and will return to finish off the hero with another lockdown. Their bouncing nature makes it even harder to kill them.

Their only attack is to lockdown heroes, so killing them is fairly easy, but with other Darkspore this can be dangerous for the locked hero. Try using Goliath's Shockwave to stun them before they attack and then have you and your allies surround and kill it.

If you spot one be sure to take it out before it gets into range, also don't engage them with a Bio hero because the poison will deal double the damage.


  • They have Vex's mouth, Magnos' hands, and Tork's feet.
  • They, alongside Vampiric Leapers and Strontium Fists, are the only enemies who move by hopping.
  • They are some of the few instances of armored Darkspore in Onslaught.
    2013-01-02 00018

    Lockdown Glitch

  • Vaulting Amphiods are the only Bio Darkspore in Onslaught that wear armor.
  • The Invasion Variant of Amphiods, namely Amphiod Impeders, have the "Maccobjaw" mouth from Spore.
  • The Apocalypse Variant of Amphiods, named Amphiod Rex, has an other head part from Spore.
  • Amphiod Impeders have Sage's/Viper's hands and Sage's feet and eyes.
  • The Amphiod Rex has Blitz's hands and Tork's feet.
  • There is a possible glitch that the Vaulting Amphiod can trap itself (or even other Darkspore).

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