Remember everything you have learned. Take this game with you, in your heart, as you move forwards. 

This is the first game I every really played as a "gamer", the first time I was involved in the online community for a game. It was an amazing experience, and this game is also, in part, why I am currently studying Game Design. 

I remember the first time I killed the Corruptor. The way Arcturus crawled after you beat him. The dances. The Tork/Skar/Zrin combo, in all it's glory. The dread in my gut when I saw a Ghostly Fragbot Mech, or a Reflective Shade Drifter. Mowing enemies down with Titan. The time every single person was kicked back to the lobby for no reason, and we all started screaming in chat, and blaming Maxis for spilling coffee on the server. When the parts store sold only hands for what felt like forever. Making the entire screen red with blood with the Shadow Cloak-Affliction Bolt combo. That one area on Nocturna where Helix would flash onto the screen for a second for no apparent reason, every time. The excitment when the game was announced. The Create a Hero threads on the forums. My one, failed attempt at making an RP on the forums. The Strategizing on the wiki. Those amazing creations people made in the Hero editor. 

The silence after the last patch.

Remember it all. This game existed, it was a little jewel for us. Seed it throughout everything you make. 

Stand up from your chair. Go forwards, taking the legacy of the Crogenitors with you, in you mind, in your heart. So long as we remember...

In the end, there will always be Darkspore.

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