A Trioculist from Onslaught.

Trioculists are small insect-like Plasma Minions from Cryos. They attack with melees that causes chain lightning arcs that jump from opponent to opponent


Prowling the dark ranges and crevasses of Cryos, trioculists employ their tails for two deadly functions: night vision for hunting, and plasma-blasting for killing their prey. They are particulary dangerous for their ability to "ricochet" their lightning attack from one target to others, although each ricochet diminishes the voltage.


  • Onslaught Variant: Trioculist
  • Triocular Scorpiod, a Special Elite from the Template Challenge
Trioculists are no danger alone, but in groups their chain-lightning attacks can get very annoying. Like most minions, simple attacks will kill them quick and easy. Make the job easier by using attacks like Goliath's Arc Weld, to take out groups of these nasty foes easily.

Although close-range can prove as a good strategy, long-range is the best way to deal with trioculists because they have to get close in order to attack you. Sage's Strangling Briars comes in handy here, and just wait for the approaching trioculists and shoot at them from afar.


  • Trioculists have Char's feet.
  • Trioculists are almost made completly out of Spore parts.
  • The prefix Trio- meaning three, most likely references their three tails.
  • These Plasma Minions were previously known as Triocular Scorpiods and were a part of the Spore Template Challenge competitions long before Darkspore was released. The winning creations are included in Darkspore as Special Elites.

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