Lieutenant terrorsaur var1

Terrorsaur are Plasma Lieutenants found on Cryos. They were first seen in the Developer Walktroughof Co-op. Their main ability is to throw fireballs in a cone towards the hero. Heroes hit by those balls will start to burn, making Terrorsaurs dreadful opponents.


Tall, savage, and fast, terrorsaurs are also strikingly beautiful, especially because of their vestigial wings. They attack by spewing multiple fireballs in a spread pattern, inflicting flaming wounds that become more severe over time. The occasional hunter has been so captivated by the sight of a sleeping terrorsaur that he has attempted to harvest those wings. But in every case, it's the terrorsaur that has harvested the hunter.


  • Onslaught Variant: Terrorsaur
  • Apocalypse Variant: Deathwing Terrorsaur

Terrorsaurs are certainly a terror to any hero they fight, because their fire balls fly at amazing speeds and can inflict burn on any hero that gets hit by them. There attack is very similar to a shotgun because at range they can be easily avoided, but up close they can inflict major damage.

Avoid being close to these enemies, but stay at range just to be able to attack them, Vex's Time Bubble becomes very useful when fighting them.


  • Terrorsaurs have Maldri's head, Lumin's hands and the feet of both Blitz and Krel.
  • In Onslaught, Terrorsaurs launch three fireballs but if they appeared as Elites or Zain, they launch four projectiles.

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