A Tentacler from Onslaught.

Tentaclers are tree-like Bio Minions found on Verdanth. Before the Darkspore invasion, they were miners that dug tunnels on Verdanth, but now they are invaluable Darkspore soldiers, as they can make spiky thorns emerge underneath a hero, dealing heavy damage.


Eons ago, Tentaclers were a class of Verdanthi miners who tunneled their homeworld's ancient depths, seeking motherlodes of phosphates and precious symbiotic animals. But the Darkspore mutated these industrious seekers into murderers. Today tentaclers deploy the roots they once used seeking treasures to trap their foes from below with spiky thorns, before closing in to inflict terrifying death. The best way to avoid such an end: keep moving.


  • Invasion Variant: Retractile Tentacler
  • Apocalypse Variant: Undulating Tentacler
Tentaclers are annoying, especially when you're being blocked off by a horde of Darkspore. Using an AoE on them might help. They make an easily noticeable noise and animation before using their roots.

Good hero examples against them would be Vex or Blitz, as they could teleport to them before they do damage, and finish them quickly with fast damaging basic attacks.


  • They don't appear to have any relation to their name. However, it is possible that their name refers to their ability of summoning thorns, refering to said thorns as "tentacles".
  • This minion has had the most damage reduction patches then all other minions in Darkspore.
  • Their attack slightly resembles the Groundspike attack from the game Prototype.
  • In-game, Undulating Tentaclers are called "Ungulating" Tentaclers. This is probably due to a typo.