TCD-24, the Grand Bombardier (Onslaught)

TCD-24, the Grand Bombardier

TCD-24, the Grand Bombardier is a Cyber Captain, and is encountered in the boss pit of the Terminal Haven sector of Infinity in Onslaught difficulty. TCD-24 is a much larger and more powerful version of the Shielded Grenadier, and has the Unstoppable and Accurate Affixes, meaning he is immune to Stuns, Terrifies, Sleeps, and Suppressions, and he has a greatly increased chance to strike a Crit. In addition, he can deploy a shield that makes him immune from the front and he lobs cluster grenades at the hero.


Similar to a normal Shielded Grenadier, he turns towards whoever has his attention and, after getting within range, deploys his shield at which point he begins lobbing grenades, until they move to far to his side or back, at which point he removes the shield and returns to his setup phase. His grenades do FAR more damage than a normal grenadier and a genetic hero with low defense or health stats can be annihilated if one doesn't take care to dodge the bombs. Thankfully, the grenades move quite slow, and are easily dodged once his adds have been dealt with. However, the grenades thrown by TCD are cluster grenades, meaning, that after the initial blast a few grenades grenades are lobbed in all directions, dealing additional damage. If one is having trouble, a hero with a dash or teleport (such as Blitz's unique ability Ride the Lightning, Vex's squad ability Chrono Blink, or the necro variant ability Phantom Charge) can easily get behind TCD-24, thus forcing him to pick up his shield and turn around.


  • TCD-24's title, the Grand Bombardier, is very likely a reference to him being a Shielded Grenadier.
  • Unlike ordinary Shielded Grenadiers from Onslaught, TCD-24's grenades split into three additional grenades after the initial explosion. This treat is later possessed by ordinary Grenadiers in Invasion and Apocalypse.

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