Swarming Herbipod

A Swarming Herbipod from Onslaught.

Swarming Herbipods are stationary plant-like Bio Minions from Verdanth. They stay still and launch homing projectiles that follow any nearby heroes.
  • Apocalypse Variant: Clustering Herbipod
  • Invasion Variant: Amassing Herbipod


Countless travelers, hunters and fugitives have been slaughtered by swarming herbipods. Resembling motionless plants even from nearby, they attack with out warning when approached, firing tracking energy swarms. Each swarm contains sufficient neuro-toxin to kill unarmored creatures within minutes, usually by respiratory failure or extreme seizures.


Killing these enemies is the easy part but finding them is the challenge, because Herbipods blend in with the forest so well. Pay attention where you see them fire their projectiles then close in and kill them.

To increase survivibility when fighting herbipods, having a high resist rating is the key. If you don't have a good resist rating, Wraith's Ghostform is an excellent choice for the projectiles with pass right through you. When fighting a group of herbipods, close in on them and then unleash attacks like Goliath's Arc Weld or Zrin's Plasma Column, to tear through the plants.


  • Swarming Herbipods are the only stationary enemies in game, but they can be pushed by attacks like Andromeda's Repulsion Sphere or Magnos' Kinetic Wave.
  • Their real feet can be seen under them, and it is the "Clippity" foot from Spore.
  • The Herbipods' projectile has one of the longest ranges in the whole game.
  • Swarming Herbipods are the most plant-like Darkspore.
  • Their mouth is also from Spore.

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