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In-game Onslaught version of a Suppression Mechanoid.

Suppression Mechanoids are hexapedal Cyber Lieutenants first found on the planet Infinity. They are very dangerous enemies and can be deadly if players are caught by surprise. Their Invasion variant is named Repression Mechanoid, and their Apocalypse variant is named Annihilation Mechanoid.


  • Onslaught Variant: Suppression Mechanoid
  • Invasion Variant: Repression Mechanoid
  • Apocalypse Variant: Annihilation Mechanoid
Arguably the most dangerous Lieutenants, Suppression Mechanoids will fly down onto the screen from above. They will attack players by repeatedly punching them with their iron fists. If the player if far away, they will launch missiles from their wrist-mounted blasters, which will daze (stun in Invasion and Apocalyse) any player they hit. Neither of these things, however, are what make this enemy so dangerous...

Mechanoids are infamous for their Suppressive auras, which will cause any hero in melee proximity to the Mechanoid to become suppressed, meaning that they cannot switch heroes nor can they use any special abilities. If the player steps out of the aura's range, they will revert back to normal. This is, however, harder than it seems, as the Suppression Mechanoids have been known to chase down their victims.

A good hero to use is Skar. Once he activates his squad ability Shadow Cloak, he can approach the Mechanoid undetected, and then hit it with his unique ability Shadow Sting, which will cause it to take increased damage for a short time. In this short time, Skar should be able to finish off the Mechanoid and suffer minor or little damage.

Darkspore gameplay 9

Revenant facing a Suppression Mechanoid.

Another good hero to use against Mechanoids is Char. His pet can attack by his side while Char himself can cause the Mechanoid to ignite from a distance. Having Char's Gamma or Alpha variant is also very good, since their variant abilities (Webbed Lightning and Meteor Strike, respectively) can both to damage and stun at the same time.

But perhaps the best hero is SRS-42 Alpha, who can destroy missles with his Flak Cannon, become immune to suppression with his Omni Shield, and can launch missiles from far away. However, be aware that SRS-42 and the Mechanoid are both Cyber-Type.

With appropriate timing, Andromeda can deflect the missie with Repulsion Sphere and the missile will home in to the Mechanoid instead.


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  • Suppression Mechanoid are considered by most Darkspore Players, to be the most annoying NPC's in the game. The other "annoyances" are: Raytheoids, Shielded Grenadiers, Fragbot Mechs, Acid Shells, Electron Bursters, Decelerators and Laser Tanks.
  • Their Onslaught Variant's "shoulder pads", are actually parts that form Goliath's "belt".
  • Suppression Mechanoids are some of the assymetric Darkspore.
  • The Annihilation Mechanoid has a Spectre Gem (Revenant's Loot Weapon) on its chest and Goliath's shoulder plates.
  • Suppression Mechanoids don't have any Foot parts.
  • Their Onslaught Variant has Meditron's head.
  • The same Variant has a "laser chestplate" similar to Goliath Alpha's.
  • On higher difficulties, like Invasion, Suppression Mechanoids' rockets will stun you, while on Onslaught their rockets will just inflict a daze.
  • The Mechanoids have a Compact Generator and a Sprint Pack on their backs, both of which are parts from Spore Galactic Adventures.
  • Repression and Annihilation Mechanoids have their heads covered by masks.
  • The Repression Mechanoids have the Corruptor's vest piece.