Strafing Drakon

A Strafing Drakon from Onslaught.

Strafing Drakons are small insect-like Quantum Minions from Zelem's Nexus. They aren't horribly dangerous Darkspore, unless in a swarm, which is when they get exponential speed.


Still the most beautiful creatures anywhere across Zelem's Nexus, strafing drakons form corps of airborne soldiers who use their flying momentum to propel their physical attacks. The greater the numbers, the faster they move. When their comrades die in combat, the surviving drakons slow down, but continue their aggression. They are beauty, speed and violence embodied in a single species of Darkspore terror.


Strafing Drakons, like all minions are weaker individually, but can become major threats when more drakons are around to join their comrades in a fight. They attack with quick melee attacks and their attack speed will increase when more drakons are around, so they can dish out even more damage. Kill as many drakons as you can to slow them down.

Drakons are very deadly in groups, especially if there is a Haster around. This is probably the worst problem when dealing with multiple drakons and other Darkspore.

Abilites such as Goliath's Arc Weld is a great attack to kill multiple drakons in a swarm. Sage's Strangling Briars will slow them down enough for you to kill them, but it won't help much if there are many more drakons around. Meditron can use Syndrome Shift to even use the Haste against them.
  • Onslaught Variant: Strafing Drakon
  • Invasion Variant: Sniping Drakon


  • Strafing Drakons have Vex's hands.
  • They have a couple Spore parts as well, like their wings and mouth.
  • They also have hands for feet.
  • The Strafing part of their name is a reference to their strafing tactic of siege.
  • They are called Blitzing Drakon on Apocalypse.

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