A Sting Raider.

Sting Raiders are bee-like Quantum Minions found on Zelem's Nexus. They attack with small stingers and usually strafe their targets.


Originally water creatures, Sting Raiders became air-breathers following Darkspore mutation. They have organs which function as bio-quantum batteries, giving them flight. Delivering potentially lethal energy attacks, raiders can also physically attack their foes, doing so at high speed and frequency.

Because of their quantum powers, raiders shift themselves partially outside the dimension-set of their prey, thus rendering most area effect attacks against them completely useless.


Sting Raiders are very fast, and they mainly appear in large numbers. Because of this, they can easily overwhelm heroes. They have a very fast melee attack. Also, much like Scorpiods, they are very resistant to area-effect attacks, making them hard enemies to beat.

A good tactic to employ is to use single-target abilities and attacks. AoE Abilities should NOT be used, as Sting Raiders are Shifted, rendering Area of Effect Attacks completely useless against these things.


  • Sting Raiders have the same head as Vex.
  • They are similar to Warp Spawners and Caustic Stingers, because of their innate "Shifted" affix and their speed, flying capabilities and the fact that they attack by stinging the target and strafe in circles around them.
  • Multiple parts on this creature are present in Spore, such as the stinger.