Space Barracuda

A Space Barracuda from Onslaught.

Space Barracudas are small fish-like Quantum Minions from Zelem's Nexus. They primarily attack with energy projectiles then teleport away to a new location to attack again, causing minor damage to heroes.


Once tiny sea creatures, the Darkspore mutated space barracudas are now larger and via gravitic powers, able to swim through air and land. Dangerous and unpredictable, barracudas use their gravitic abilities to teleport themselves and their prey. Prospectors and fighters should exercise extreme caution around these bizarre creatures.


As annoying as they are, space barracudas are easily dealt with up close. When they first spot you they will teleport anywhere in the area and then attack with a single quantum projectile. Although they are not very deadly, be wary if you encounter a school of space barracudas.
Zelem's Nexus Planet

Zelem's Nexus, the homeworld of Space Barracudas.

Dealing with space barracudas can be quick and easy if you rush them and quickly kill them with a Ravager. Tempest usually have an easier time if you stay from afar and shoot at them. Goliath's Arc Weld works well if you find a school of space barracudas, or when rushing them have Blitz's squad ability Plasma Wreath, as extra insurance that you will get the space barracuda.


  • Their mouths and fins are from the Spore C&C part pack.
  • They are also cyclopean creatures with an eye right in the middle of their faces.
  • There was also a Space Barracuda Template Challenge, but it is unknown if any of them were used.
  • There is an Easter Egg Elite form of these enemies.
    Special Barracuda

    A Special Elite Space Barracuda. Now Confirmed

  • They are completely made out of Spore Parts (minus the eye).
  • Space Barracuda is slimar to fish but no barracuda.

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