Minion sinkhole var1

A Sinkhole from Onslaught.

Sinkholes are Quantum Minions from Scaldron. These enemies use their gravitic abilities to launch projectiles from a floating position. In addition, every once in a while they will form a gravity well around them which will pull all heroes and projectiles towards them. During this period they also recieve greatly reduced damage.


Sinkholes, draped in tentacles and possessing hideous mandibles and antennae, are one of the only aquatic species on Scaldron to have evolved to survive the planet surface's transition to total aridity. Because sinkholes possess quantum-warp abilities, speculation persists that they draw water interdimensionally, keeping their bodies thoroughly hydrated at all times despite their surroundings. Whatever the case, sinkholes attack their enemies ruthlessly by manifesting lethal gravity wells, which also partially shield them from injury.


Sinkhole projectiles are very distinct in appearance, four small blue orbs orbiting each other. These projectiles are not the fastest, and can be dodged easily.

Sinkholes will periodically generate a gravity well around themselves. This will pull all Heroes nearby, making escaping difficult. The Gravity Well itself isn't very dangerous, but will prove aggravating when other Darkspore are present. They take reduced damage from all sources when they are creating this Gravity Well.

The easiest way to deal with them is to either take them down with ranged attacks, or to use powerful melee attacks. It is worth noting that while escaping a gravity well a Hero is slowed, it will allow you to reach the Sinkhole even faster with your melee Heroes.

You could even use the gravity well they create to your advantage. Slow heroes like Wraith can run to the Well and can quickly escape an overwhelming attack. Tempests can also use the projectile-redirecting gravity to perform unusual curve shots that can hit another, more important enemy.


  • Sinkholes were first revealed in the Enemy
    Sinkhole artwork

    Sinkhole's official Concept Art.

    Spotlight Video, along with several other enemies on Scaldron.
  • Their mouth is a part from Spore.
  • Sinkholes somewhat bear a resemblance to real-life octopuses and squids.
  • Sinkholes in Polish Darkspore version named ,,Dziura"(hole)
  • Sinkholes in Invasion Mode are called Warp Sinkholes.
  • Has tentacles like Warp spawners.