A Shadower from Onslaught.

Shadowers are small Necro Minions found on Scaldron. They attack with melees and inflict physical vulnerability for the next few seconds.


For millennia, the tiny shadowers prowled the honeycombing caves and tunnels of Scaldron, ripping apart their even tinier quarry and feasting on their innards. Once transfected by the Darkspore, shadowers grew drastically, gaining terrifying speed. Any creatures they find, they bite savagely, bleeding their prey to death if they can't disembowel them first.


Shadowers are one of Scaldron's more dangerous minions, being able to inflict physical vulnerability, they take advantage of this to strike you even more keeping the debuff from wearing off, each hit more powerful then the last.

Shadowers are very annoying, even if they are found alone because of their special powers, so avoid close-combat and use a Tempest and fight from range even if you are fighting from afar they will strafe to get closer to you. Shadowers are also very dangerous if accompanied by the fast Eclectic Striker, or a swarm of Hover Bots, their attacks will inflict massive damage if you have physical vulnerability from the shadowers.

Sage's Strangling Briars is a good tactic to hold off a swarm of shadowers or other Darkspore, then just shoot from afar and finish them off. Other recommended tactics are to use as many AoEs and Crowd Control Abilities as you have.


  • Shadowers have Skar's mouth and feet. The Shadower's feet belong also to Arakna.
  • They also inflict physical vulnerability like the Pterodyne.
  • They're some of the only characters, that inflict Physical Vulnerability. The other are Pterodynes, Skar (through Shadow Sting) and the Savage Ally (via Savage's Bestial Mastery).

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