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Lieutenant spectraldrifter var1

Onslaught variant of the Shade Drifter.

Shade Drifters are Necro Lieutenants that appear on multiple planets. They are ghostly in appearance and are one of the more odd-looking Darkspore in the game.


Before being mutated into Darkspore, shade drifters were parasitic monstrosities inside the depths of Nocturna. Drifters attacked foes on a thousand worlds by amplifying their natural ability to siphon life energy from nearby creatures. They puncture holes in any entity’s individual biosphere, sucking out their life-sustaining energies. These hovering obscenities drift above battlefields with apparent randomness before charging at their enemies and silencing them.
  • Spirit Drifter (Apocalypse)


Shade Drifters are some of the most dangerous enemies in Darkspore. These powerful, vampiric fiends can render Sentinels and most Ravagers not only useless, but a liability. Their Life Drain Aura will allow them to recover health simply by being near Heroes, while their Ghostly affix gives them a disgustily high Dodge Rating.

Therefore, players will want to use Tempests. Their ranged attacks are usually based on Energy damage. In particular, SRS-42 and Meditron have homing attack. Players can fire a few shots, run out of the Drifter's range and then repeat.










-Zelem's Nexus




-Zelem's Nexus


  • Shade Drifters were originally called "Spectral Drifters" in Darkspore's early development.
  • Although the lore says that Shade Drifters hail from Nocturna, they are never encountered there on any of Nocturna's levels in Onslaught Mode.
  • The Shade Drifter's charge suppresses heroes on Invasion and Apocalypse modes.
  • It's based off the Deadly Sin of Sloth. This is because it doesn't need to actually hit heroes to harm them; it has an aura that damages heroes anyway.

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