A Scorpiod from Onslaught.

Scorpiods are small insectoid Quantum Minions that inhabit Zelem's Nexus. Scorpiods are very fast foes who can close in on heroes quickly. They have a buff that allows them to resist AOE attacks making attacks like Zrin's Meteor Strike useless.


Scorpiods were once harmless and semi-intelligent creatures, but their mutation by the Darkspore has transformed them into destructive, mindless arthopods. Scorpiods inflict fast physical attacks at close range, and by slowing down, can make themselves highly resistant to area effect damage.


Scorpiods only attacks are simple melees at close range, but they don't do much damage unless they are reinforced by more dangerous Darkspore, such as Hasters who will speed up the scorpiods even more making them even deadlier.
2012-04-21 00004

Apocalypse Variant: Ultra Scorpoid

Scorpiods naturally resist area effect attacks, you can tell they are resisting when they turn a ghostly color similar to ghostly Elite enemies except without the ghostly part, they speed up when they return to their original color.

Their AOE resistance can be turned against them with attacks like Sage's Strangling Briars, because they will slow down and the briars will slow them down even more, though Strangling Briars is an AoE.


  • They are almost made completely out of Spore parts except for their fin and the eyes.
  • The feet are from the Spore C&C parts pack.
  • Scorpiods name is a reference to a scorpion.

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