SRS-42: The Missile Commander, Cyber Tempest from Infinity.

SRS-42 the Missile Commander is a Cyber Icon type cyber Tempest Icon tempest 24x24 who used ranged explosive weapons as his primary means of attack. He was nearly killed by a poisonous gas in the factory he worked, but Crogenitor Suzu rescued him and turned him into a cyborg in order to save his life and help him be able to defend Infinity from the Darkspore invasion. Since he had no arms/hands, as a tempest he was able to equip a second utility slot instead, in addition to the standard weapon, foot, offense, defense and utility slots.

SRS-42 Base Stats
SRS-42Icon type cyberIcon tempest 24x24 Alpha Alpha Beta Beta Gamma Gamma Delta Delta
Crogenitor Lvl. Avail. 5 23 38 47
Health 175 180 160 165
Power 148 147 149 150
Strength 15 16 12 13
Dexterity 12 15 10 13
Mind 23 22 24 25
Critical Rating 98 110 90 102
Dodge Rating 122 140 110 128
Resistance Rating 288 282 294 300
Variant Ability

Omni Shield

Omni Shield

Proximity Mine

Proximity Mine

Charged Strike

Charged Strike

Zetawatt Beam

Zeta-watt Beam


'SRS-42 the Missile Commander'

SRS-42 in a Squad Deck.

SRS-42 was first seen in Squads and Abilities trailer, where viewers noticed him in one of the hero's squad deck, and was first seen in action in the Loot trailer. On the Darkspore forum, senior systems designer Paul Sottosanti revealed his name and title upon request.


  • SRS-42 Alpha
  • SRS-42 Beta
  • SRS-42 Gamma
  • SRS-42 Delta
Once, SRS-42 was a humble mechanical engineer on the planet Infinity. But as he lay dying on a factory floor from the toxins that had already killed 99% of his people, SRS-42 received an alien visitation: the Crogenitor Suzu.

Bowing to heal him, Suzu fused SRS-42's dying body with the very machines he'd spent a lifetime constructing and repairing. He became, as a cyborg, a mobile combat rocket launcher.

Leaving the factory that would have been his grave, SRS-42 was confronted by waves of creatures he'd never seen before: the invading Darkspore.

Reacting with astonishing speed, SRS-42 obliterated phalanx after phalanx of Darkspore ground forces before turning his remaining rockets onto a Darkspore troop carrier and a Darkspore destroyer. Their hulls ripped apart like the flesh of great beasts, they crashed into the toxic sludge of a poisoned ocean where they ignited like miniature suns.

Reborn from death, SRS-42 possessed no fear. Any who dared his challenge had a simple choice: immediately overpower him, or face total annihilation.


Icon ability Abilities cyber dps range basic Homing Missile (Basic Ability)

Fires a homing missle which explodes dealing 9-14 energy damage split equally among all targets in a 3m radius.

Icon ability Abilities cyber dps range active Missile Barrage (Special Ability)

Launches a volley of 15 missiles over a period of 4 seconds at the targeted area. Upon landing, each missile deals 11-18 energy damage to each enemy in a 2m radius, this can however be stopped pre-finished by moving to allow movement, avoiding and/or other skills.

Omni Shield2 Omni Shield (Alpha Variant Ability)

Instantly removes all harmful status effects and prevents all incoming damage and harmful status effects for 4 seconds.

Proximity Mine2 Proximity Mine (Beta Variant Ability)

Hero moves to location then places a mine that will explode if an enemy comes within 3,5m of it or after 15 seconds. The mine deals 22-32 energy damage to all enemies in a 4m radius and dazes them for 6 seconds. Cooldown is 6 seconds.

Charged Strike2 Charged Strike (Gamma Variant Ability)

A painful melee range electrical jolt that deals physical damage and taunts the target for 6 seconds.

Zetawatt Beam Zeta-watt Beam (Delta Variant Ability)

Piercing laser beam attack that deals energy damage to all enemies in a line for up to 35m (edge of screen). Cooldown is 8 seconds.

Icon ability Abilities cyber dps range support1 Flak Cannon (Squad Ability)

Discharges a burst of flak in a 5m radius that prematurely detonates enemy projectiles. Enemies caught in the area will take 5-10 physical damage and be dazed, slowing their movement by 50% for 5 seconds.

Icon ability Abilities cyber dps range passive Targeting Computer (Passive Ability)

The targeting computer finds firing solutions for nearby enemies, increasing all damage by 5% every second up to 5 times. Moving will ruin the solutions.

In Overdrive, damage is increased by 12% per second up to 5 times.

Patch notes

  • Patch (June 3, 2011) - Fix for Weapons on SRS-42, WraithIcon type necroIcon sentinel 24x24 & others appearing backward. Added items that improve the squad abilities of SRS-42, SageIcon type bioIcon tempest 24x24, MagnosIcon type quantumIcon sentinel 24x24, BlitzIcon type plasmaIcon ravager 24x24, and WraithIcon type necroIcon sentinel 24x24. SRS-42's Flak Cannon: Flak repeats 3 times, but increases cooldown by x.
    SRS-42's Flak Cannon: Gain x% attack speed for each exploded projectile.
  • Patch (May 5, 2011) - Charged Strike now requires a target. Homing attacks no longer follow heroes who are stealthed.


  • Betasrs42 by darkspore conceptart-d3fc4h6

    Early concept of SRS-42.

    SRS-42 was the only hero to have two legs and no arms.
  • His overall appearance resembled the AT-ST walkers from the Star Wars universe.
  • The number "42" in his name is an obvious reference to the popular book/TV show/film franchise The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, in which the number 42 was supposedly the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything. This reference also turns up in Spore on numerous occasions.
  • SRS often stands for "Safety Response System", which may be referring to him being a Tempest character.
  • SRS-42 beared a striking resemblance to enemy Blastopod, both in body and abilities.
  • In his Official Concept Art, SRS-42 does not have his own Cashout Weapon, which it is not like in most Heroes' Concept Arts; In most Concept Arts, the Heroes do wear their Cashout Weapons. The weapon SRS-42 had in his Concept Art is his Default Weapon called "Explosive Launcher".
  • The other exceptions to heroes NOT having Cashout Weapons in their Concept Arts are: Sage, Revenant, Savage, Zrin (not having a weapon at all) and probably Meditron.
  • SRS' foot part was a actually a part from the game Spore.
  • Srs-42's Basic Attack had a long cooldown, but made up for it by being one of the most powerful Basic Attacks in the game.
  • SRS-42's artwork was probably the only one that shows the hero attacking.