A Robo-Bomber from Onslaught.

Robo-Bombers are small and annoying Cyber Minions from Infinity. They lob grenades at nearby heroes to great effect.


As cyborganic creatures, robo-bombers possess the best of both wetware and mechanical intelligence. Long before the Darkspore, they easily beat their masters' foes in wars over dying resources. Once mutated, robo-bombers lost all loyalty to their previous mission, slaughtering those who'd built them. In combat they roll volleys of grenades, creating a vast zone of damage and death.


  • Onslaught Variant: Robo-Bomber
Robo-Bombers are quite deadly for minions because their grenades do massive AOE damage to their targets. Tempests do well when dealing with robo-bombers because being at a distance restricts the bomber from grenading up close.

Robo-Bombers are easily dealt with at range with a Tempest hero, Sage is an excellent choice because his Strangling Briars with slow down the incoming bombers and prevent them from getting in range with their grenades. Vex's Time Bubble is also useful to slow down incoming grenades and bombers.


  • They have the Spore Bot parts feet called "Crusher"
  • The "Crusher" feet are also on SRS-42.
  • The Robo-Bomber's face is actually Tork's Neuro-Spore Container.
  • On Apocalypse, Robo-Bombers are named Smart Robo-Bombers. They feature Meditron's feet and limbs, as well as the "Sprint Pack" from Spore Galactic Adventures.

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