Roark, the Blood-Fury (Onslaught)

Roark, the Blood-Fury

Roark, the Blood-Fury
is a Bio Captain from Verdanth, being encountered in the Deathly Evergaldes. Roark is a giant Ragetusk with Surefooted and Surefooted Aura Affixes, meaning he is immune to Crowd Control Effects, such as pulls, knockbacks, knock-ups, snares, slows and roots, and all other Darkspore will have the same immunity, making him sometimes a tough nut to crack. Magnos and Andromeda will find this particularly annoying, as most of their abilities involve CC.


Fighting Roark can be a hard task. First, he is a Ragetusk, which means, that he will be at close range, impaling heroes with his tusks. In addition, should any other enemy be killed in battle, Roark will be Enraged, increasing his Health and Damage Output. Since he is a Captain, it gets even more complicated. Namely, he is Surefooted and has a Surefooted Aura, meaning he and the Darkspore around him are immune to slows, roots, pulls, knock-backs and knock-ups, rendering Crowd Control Heroes like Magnos and Andromeda almost completely useless in combat against him.

Unless Roark is accompanied by dangerous Darkspore, the player should always go for the Bio Captain first in order to prevent enraging. Good heroes to fight him would be Wraith (because of the suppressing Basic Attack, a fear-inducing AoE and the Ability to become practically invulnerable), Revenant (because of lowering the Damage Output, Single Target Terrify/Curse and an AoE Suppress), Zrin (large DPS AoE and Pets) and Char (massive AoE and Pet, plus a Stun).

He gets at his most annoying when accompanied by Hypno Mantises, since they give him a Persistent buff. This way, if the player manages to kill Roark, he will resurrect and be Enraged. If the player kills the Mantis, Roark will still be Enraged. Either way, Roark will buff himself, but it's better to kill the Mantis first.


  • His title, the Blood-Fury is a reference to the type of creature, which he is, namely Ragetusks.
  • As most Captains, Roark is only distinguishable from other Ragetusks by his huge size and a different texture.
  • If enough Darkspore around Roark are killed, he can become the biggest character in the game.

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