Minion reparatron var1

A Reparatron

Reparatrons are Cyber Minions from Infinity.

While capable of fighting, there main purpose is to revive fallen Cyber Darkspore. They were some of the first Darkspore to be revealed.


Designed as maintenance and construction technobots, the Reparatrons currently function as hunter-killers, particularly through the massive and terrifying crushing force of their pincers. Reparatrons are particularly useful combat drones. Given time, they repair their own fallen comrades, in effect, generating their own reinforcements.


By themselves, they are mere annoyances. Sometimes one will manage to revive one of it's fallen allies, and you'll have to spend a few extra seconds killing it again. But when they are with Cyber Lieutenants , their threat increases dramatically.
  • Invasion Variant: Reparatron Sigma
  • Apocalypse Variant: Reparatron Gamma

As with any Darkspore who specializes in the dead, you want to deal Crits as much as possible, as they can't repair if the body had been completely destroyed. It doesn't take much to kill them, so knock off the Suppression Mechanoid/Reconstructionist etc., then kill the Reparatrons with a good old AOE. Another way is to kill the Reparatrons first, then kill the cyber lieutenant.

Reparatrons themselves almost never attack. As soon as they see a dead robot they will rush over to revive it, ignoring most threats.


  • Reparatrons were some of the first enemies revealed for Darkspore. It was in their bio that the to-be players discovered that killing with a Critical Hit would cause the Darkspore to explode violently, preventing them from being revived.
  • They looked a bit different than they are today. As first they had two round optics instead of a visor and their heads came from Spore. The part was called "Cantop".
  • Their hands are parts from the Spore Bot Parts Pack called "Claspers".
  • They have Goliath's feet.
  • They have SRS-42's head, though it is covered by the helmet/mask/visor thing on their faces.