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Ravagers are similar to Rogues in other games. They are very quick and agile fighters, dealing high damage like TempestsIcon tempest 24x24but with a low resistance to damage themselves unlike SentinelsIcon sentinel 24x24. They specialize in both melee and ranged attacks, making them very diverse hit-and-run fighters. They focus on Dexterity which boosts Critical Rating, Dodge Rating and their special attack damage. Heroes in this class include: MaldriIcon type quantum, VexIcon type quantum, SkarIcon type necro, AraknaIcon type necro, KrelIcon type plasma, BlitzIcon type plasma, Seraph XSIcon type cyber, and ViperIcon type bio.


While all heroes use the same stat conversions, Ravagers have the following base stats:

Icon ravager 24x24 Class Base Stat Conversion
Health Ranged: 150
Melee: 200
+ Strength X 5
Power 100 + Mind
Critical Rating 100 + Dexterity X 4
Dodge Rating 150 + Dexterity X 6
Resistance Rating 50 + Mind X 6
Strength, Dexterity, Mind Different for each hero variant

Patch notes

As of June 3, 2011, Patch went live. Among many other updates, VexIcon type quantum, ViperIcon type bio, MaldriIcon type quantum, BlitzIcon type plasma and SkarIcon type necro had their health increased, their base health added by 50 and their max health increased each stat cap upgrade. Note that these five Ravagers have melee basic attacks that require them to move into harm's way, while the remaining three Ravagers have ranged basic attacks.

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