RED-D-TOR, the Karmic Destroyer (Onslaught)

RED-D-TOR, the Karmic Destroyer

RED-D-TOR, the Karmic Destroyer
is a Cyber Captain in Darkspore. He is encountered on Infinity's Fragmented Peak and DB's Palace in Onslaught difficulty. He is a gigantic Suppression Mechanoid, a kind of Cyber Lieutenant, that has the Unstoppable and Carapace Affixes. The latter two elite affixes make this enemy very difficult to defeat.


RED-D-TOR is a Suppression Mechanoid, meaning that he will try to get into melee range to swipe at the hero with his mechanical claws. If the target moves away from him, he'll shoot homing rockets, that stun the target hit. Also, he has a Suppression Aura around himself, making heroes in proximity unable to switch or use abilities. RED-D-TOR however also has the Unstoppable and Carapace affixes, meaning he is immune to Terrifies, Sleeps, Taunts and Suppressions, as well as making him unable to recieve more than a variable amount of damage, that is scaling with Threat Level.


  • RED-D-TOR's name is likely a play on the word 'redditor,' a term used to reference people who frequent the online forum Reddit.
  • RED-D-TOR also sounds like a pun on the word "predator".

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