A Pyramander from Onslaught.

Pyramanders are small and nimble Plasma Minions from Cryos. They attack with flame surges that grow larger over the distance that the flames travel.


On Cryos, pyramanders were once defenseless herbivores, easily culled by larger predators. But as soon as Darkspore mutations gave them the power to do so, pyramanders mindlessly blasted out territory for themselves and slaughtered those who'd previously made them cower. Their bulky, arm-mounted weapons are plasma blasters, each emitting super-heated matter that gains energy as it travels, so that the further away an enemy is, the greater the wounds.


Pyramanders are as cute as they are dangerous, and should be dealt with as quick as possible. Their flame surges cause massive damage from far away and closing in on them is always a challenge, because pyramanders will flee to get farther away to launch more flame surges.

Pyramanders can be killed easily with Ravagers such as Vex, with his Chrono Blink attack. It will allow you to close in on the pyramanders with no threat of them attacking or running away.


  • Pyramanders have Blitz's mouth and feet, Lumin's hands, as well as Krel's Tri-Launcher and Zrin's Cashout weapon the Cestus Mutilator.
    2011-07-26 00002

    The special Elite Pyramander.

  • The prefix Pyro- meaning fire, put together with the "mander" part of their name from real-world salamanders.
  • On, they were mistakenly called Plasmic Howlers.
  • Their flame wave attacks are identical to the Plasma Variant Ability called Flame Surge.
  • There is also a special Elite version of this enemy. It only appears in the Glacial Rifts (Since Pyramanders are found exclusively there).
  • This Special Elite Pyramander has Skar's head and SRS-42's Pulse Emitters (Cashout Weapons).
  • They are an instance of armored Darkspore. (weapons and armor on their backs)

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