A Pterodyne from Onslaught.

Pterodynes are large bipedal Necro Lieutenants from Nocturna. Pterodynes go into stealth to try and sneak up on nearby heroes and terrify them with their screams, they will then close in on the hero and melee them and make them physically vulnerable to melee attacks.


Beware pterodynes. They're obscenities capable of ripping the brains and spines from their victims in seconds. Should they approach from behind, they will terrify any nearby foes into panicked flight. But if they employ their stealth ability to sneak close enough to attack with their sharp claws, they inflict wounds that leave their targets permanently vulnerable to physical attacks.


Pterodynes are one of the most powerful and devious enemies in the game. Their stealth combined with their physical vulnerability powers make a terrifying combo.

Pterodynes first initiate their stealth by running at heroes then they howl and turning around totally invisible, after a while they come back and make a terrifying scream that scares heroes making them run around. The Pterodyne will then close in and make an attempt to rip its victim apart with its claws, the first attack makes heroes physically vulnerable making follow up melee attacks from the Pterodyne even worse.

If a Pterodyne is de-cloaked it will still make an attempt to scare you. To deal with them you must first de-cloak them from stealth, Sage's Strangling Briars comes in hand slowing down a Pterodyne if its trying to reach you or if they are running away in stealth. Wraith's Death's Embrace can hold off a Pterodyne, but this tactic is rather risky with Wraith being Necrogenetic and the Pterodyne's necro powers.


  • The prefix of their name, Ptero-, means "winged", though they have no wings nor can they fly. However, Ptero is derived the ancient Greek word petomai, which has a few different meanings; one is "I fly" (travel quickly), another is "I flutter" (travel uncertainly). So the former may be a reference to their relative swiftness, whereas the later may reference the erratic movements of their frightened targets.
  • The suffix of their name, -Dyne, means "power" or "force". This probably references their powerful melee attacks and the physical vulnerabilities they inflict.
  • Pterodynes are one of only 4 characters in the game with stealth capabilities, the others being Stealth Slayers, Skar, and Seraph-XS. The Pterodynes' cloaking ability is most similar to Skar's, from his Shadow Cloak squad ability.
  • They have the same feet slot as Viper.
  • The Pterodyne most closely reflects the Deadly Sin of Envy.
  • Pterodyne Terror (Invasion Variant)
  • Blood Pterodyne (Apocalypse Variant)

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