A Protoplasm from Onslaught.

Protoplasms are small plant-like Bio Minions encountered on Verdanth. They attack with quick melees, but will back off to activate an enrage buff to power up their attacks.


Assembled from the abundant plankton of Verdanth's swamps, rivers and seas by the Darkspore, protoplasms are colony creatures with massive appetites. With their dynamic metabolisms, they feed from virtually everything they touch or shamble over. By quickly absorbing their feed, protoplasms can rapidly increase their size. In close quarters, they use their tentacles to attack their foes, ultimately oozing over and engulfing them.


Protoplasms are durable enemies, their enrage buff helps them regenerate their health over a period of time and also increasing the damage they'll inflict on you as well.

  • Invasion Variant: Engorging Protoplasm
  • Apocalypse Variant: Insatiable Protoplasm (This one is attacking Meditron)
  • A clearer view of the Insatiable Protoplasm

Like all minions, protoplasms are found mostly in groups and can be taken out quickly with basic hero attacks, but it is usually better to kill them before they start enraging themselves. Meditron's Syndrome Shift is an excellent choice when dealing with these foes, you'll get periodic healing and a damage increase, this strategy works well in solo and co-op. When fighting alone, you should rely on attacks that can take out multiple enemies at once, like Goliath's Arc Weld, or Zrin's Plasma Column.


  • Protoplasms are based off real-world plankton.
  • Like the Undermind, their mouth appears to be hidden.
    • Their mouth is under their body, and is visible when a Protoplasm dies from a non-critical attack.
  • The way the protoplasms eat is similar to how real-world starfish eat.
  • Protoplasms, Ragetusks, and Carrion Shamblers are the only enemies with an enrage buff.
  • Protoplasms also have the "Clippity" foot from Spore.
  • Their enrage attack is similar to Bio's Enrage variant ability.

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