Lieutenant pouncingstalker var1

An Onslaught Variant Pouncing Stalker.

The Pouncing Stalker is a Bio Lieutenant from parts unknown. One of the most dangerous Bio Enemies in the game, the Pouncing Stalker, with luck on its side, can be nigh unkillable.


Once tiny, jungle-floor predators, pouncing stalkers grew massively in body, intellect and violence when the Corruptor mutated them. Superb blitzkrieg leaders during the Conquest, pouncers led their Darkspore hordes to smash through innumerable Crogenitor defenses. Agile almost beyond compare, they can dodge nearly any attack to leap with terrifying ferocity upon their targets.

And, worst of all for their enemies... pouncers can resurrect themselves.


  • Apocalypse Variant: Pouncing Devourer
Alongside the Ragetusk, the Pouncing Stalker is one of the most dangerous Bio enemies in the game. What the Ragetusk has in pure offensive power, the Stalker has in durability. They possess a fluctuating Resurrection Buff, which has a habit of activating at the least convenient moments. They also can lep from great distances, clawing their prey.

An observant player will notice that the Stalker will tense and slowly advance before it uses its pounce, much like a cat. While getting out of the way will be difficult, a player can at least prepare himself or herself. The obvious choice for a counter would be a hero with high critical rate. Killing an enemy with a Critical Hit will prevent any resurrection.

In addition, Meditron's Syndrome Shift can be used to temporarily steal the Stalker's Persistance Buff, meaning you and your allies can be resurrected, if killed (this process can be repeated multiple times).

Another tactic that is effective for countering the pounce attack from a stalker, is to use Andromeda's squad ability Repulsion Sphere right when it is about to hit you, if timed correctly the stalker will be forced back and you will take no damage from the attack.


  • They possess the head and feet of Viper.
  • The Invasion Variant of Pouncing Stalkers, Pouncing Hunters, have Tork's gas mask.
  • Their Apocalypse Variant, Pouncing Devourers, have Wraith's head.
  • Good Pouncing Stalker can spawn in DB's Palace by means of a bio-incubator.
  • They have Warp spawner's tentacals on their head.

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