Darkspore Planets

As the player increases in level, he/she will visit more and more planets and areas to engage in new missions. Each planet also has specified Player versus Player arenas.

NOTE: The Threat Levels in this list only apply to being played for the first time.

After a level has been played once, replay results in a random mission area and newly spawned enemies specific to that area, with the exception of Mini-boss, which are Area specific.

NOTE: Any level indicated by "*" is an X-4 Threat Level that will end with a Boss, which are Planet Specific, but only after they are first encountered, otherwise it will still end with the Mini-Boss for that level.

Zelem's Nexus Edit

Primary Genesis Type: Quantum

Planet Boss: Polaris, The Gravity Manipulator

Darkspore Threat Levels, squad levels recommended:

  • 1-1, Floating Isles, squad level 0-4
  • 1-2, Gnarled Plateau, squad level 2-5
  • 2-3, Outer Rings, squad level 12-16
  • 2-4 * , Chaos Fields, squad level 14-18

Nocturna Edit

Primary Genesis Type: Necro

Planet Boss: Nashira, The Shadow Void

Darkspore Threat Levels, squad levels recommended:

  • 1-3, Twilight Summit, squad level 3-6
  • 1-4 * , Shadowglades, squad level 4-8
  • 5-1, Spectral Forest, squad level 36-40
  • 5-2, Ruby Gorge, squad level 38-42

Verdanth Edit

Primary Genesis Type: Bio

Planet Boss: Orcus, the Devourer of Life

Darkspore Threat Levels, squad levels recommended:

  • 2-1, Whispering Forest, squad level 8-12
  • 2-2, Deathly Everglades, 10-14
  • 3-3, Fertile Strand, squad level 22-26
  • 3-4 * , Shrouded Marsh, squad level 24-28

Cryos Edit

Primary Genesis Type: Plasma

Planet Boss: Merak, The Devastator

Darkspore Threat Levels, squad levels recommended:

  • 3-1, Frozen Precipice, squad level 18-22
  • 3-2, Frigid Caverns, squad level 20-24
  • 4-3, Glacial Rift, squad level 32-36
  • 4-4 * , Arctic Ridge, squad level 34-38

Infinity Edit

Primary Genesis Type: Cyber

Planet Boss: Arcturus, the Cybernetic Colossus

Darkspore Threat Levels, squad levels recommended:

  • 4-1, Uranium Heights squad level 28-32
  • 4-2, Terminal Haven squad level 30-34
  • 5-3, Core Extractor, squad level 40-44
  • 5-4 * , Fr'agmented Peak, squad level 42-46
  • Perhaps DB's palace (All threat and squad levels)

Scaldron Edit

Primary Genesis Type: All

Planet Boss: The Corruptor

Darkspore Threat Levels:

  • 6-1, Plains Of Desolation, squad level 46-50
  • 6-2 , Desert Necropolis, squad level 48-52
  • 6-3 , Sunken Monastery, squad level 50-54
  • 6-4 *, Perceptory, squad level 54-62

Other locations/objects in the Darkspore GalaxyEdit

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