Pincering Carapace

A Pincering Carapace from Onslaught.

Pincering Carapaces are small insectoid Quantum Minions from Zelem's Nexus. They attack heroes with a standard physical attack or they can even charge it up to inflict massive damage and knockback.


Pincering carapaces can easily be distinguised from other Darkspore by the dazzling energy fields that gather around their pincers as they prepare to attack. While energizing, they often remain completely still, but once charged they rush their foes, physically attacking them with even greater force--enough force to knock them down and wound them severely.


Many minions don't come even close to the power as this creature, the carapace alone can put up quite a fight. Their charged melees are very dangerous and when you spot one charging up their attack either kill them before they finish, run away, or interrupt their charging.

Pincering Carapaces are even deadlier in groups. Approach them with caution to avoid getting pummeled senseless by their melee attacks. Tempests work wonders on killing carapaces, because of their long-range attacks. Sage's Strangling Briars is excellent for slowing down or even killing them, espcially if they charged up their attack preventing them from reaching you.

A good tactic for fooling the carapace once its charged its attack: first stand still, then when the carapace is about to unleash its attack, run away, this is an excellent trick when dealing with multiple pincers who charged up their attack.


  • If you look closely you will see Wraith's face hidden under the other detail items on its face.

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