Persi, the Lightning Zealot (Onslaught)

Persi, the Lightning Zealot

Persi, the Lightning Zealot is a Plasma Captain, as is encountered in the boss pit of the Frozen Precipice sector of Cryos in Onslaught dificulty. Persi is a much larger and more powerful version of the Ray Killer, and has a Ghostly and Ghostly Aura meaning he and his allies have a greater chance to dodge physical attacks, making Tempests useless against him.


As he is Ghostly and has a Ghostly Aura, physical damage attacks have a high chance of being ineffective. It is highly recommended to use energy damage attacks (such as the Cyber variant ability Zetawatt Beam), or at the very least physical damage attacks with a high damage rate (such as Sage's Strangling Briars).


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