Minion brawler var1

A Pack Brawler

Pack Brawlers are small, two legged Quantum minions, found on Zelem's Nexus. They mainly form large groups to attack heroes. When they are alone, they will cower. It is best to use characters with good AoE attacks such as Zrin or Viper against these enemies.


Pack brawlers live up to their name. Once merely the carrion-eating crustaceans of the Zelem's Nexus water supply (as well as being themselves a supply of food), brawlers are now sufficiently intelligent to attack foes en masse. But they lack spirit, and collapse in combat when alone against a foe. Nevertheless, so long as a brawler has at least one friend, he will attack with a frenzy.


  • Onslaught Variant: Pack Brawler
  • Invasion Variant: Squad Brawler
  • Apocalypse Variant: Killsquad Brawler
They will cower when no other Pack Brawlers are present in the area, as they believe in the safety of numbers. But once another Pack Brawler (or an other Darkspore entity) is nearby, they will deliver a very powerful melee attack. This makes them very powerful, as they mainly appear in large numbers.But when they are alone, they are very easy to kill, since they just stand there.


  • Their large hands may have evolved from claws, since they were originally crustaceans.
  • These enemies were first seen in a Dev Diary video. In the video, they were much larger, and were shown to be purple with yellow and green stripes.
  • They are unique compared to other enemies because they do special cowering animations.
    • However, it seems that they only cower once, then start attacking whether or not they are still alone. Whether this was a bug or not is unknown.
  • Pack Brawlers are cyclopean, meaning they have only one eye.