A Omicron from Onslaught.

Omicrons are large Cyber Operatives, who lock heroes in an energy cage and have a drone that floats around the operative and provides healing for it.


Originally engineers from Zelem's Nexus, the Omicrons gained the powers of teleportation and energy caging, or trapping targets in place. Their energy cages effectively neutralize a target's special abilities, while their drones regenerate them.


  • Onslaught Variant: Omicron
  • Invasion Variant: Lunar Omicron
  • Apocalypse Variant: Omicron Eclipse

Omicrons, like all Operatives, appear only in Co-op and lock a player down. But unlike most other operatives, they're also immobile while they do so, and cannot attack any other heroes besides the one they've locked-down. Despite this, Omicrons are very dangerous if the player has strayed away from the group, because there will be nobody around to free that player in time. But if you stick together you'll be fine.

However, the Omicron's drone will heal them when they take damage, making it take longer to kill. But the operative will flee if they've lost more than half its maximum health, after which it waits for the drone to heal them sufficiently before going after heroes again.

Because Omicrons must come into range before it can lock-down a hero, another player can neutralize it beforehand with a ranged disable, such as Goliath's Shockwave, or the Meteor Strike Plasma variant ability. However, one should but be very careful when using Goliath (or any other Cyber hero) against an Omicron, because enemies will critically strike heroes of the same genesis. So it could very well be lethal if an Omicron manages to lock one of them down.

Another hero that may be effective against Omicrons is Char, because two of his variants can disable it, and his squad ability will reduce its incoming healing by half.


Beta Players Fight an Omicron

An Omicron locks-down a pre-beta developer, while the other developerss come to free him.

  • "Omicron" is the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet.
  • Omicrons were the first Operatives seen in Darkspore, depicted in one in-game screenshot (see photo, right). This same screenshot was later used on the back-cover of Darkspore's packaging. However, the screenshot was taken on Cryos, whereas Omicrons appear on Infinity. It could be that at one time during the game's development, Operatives could spawn on any planet's sector, provided that the operative belonged to either the primary or secondary genesis of that sector.
  • Strangely, their lore states that they originate from Zelem's Nexus, but they now appear on Infinity. This is similar to Meditron, another Cyber character, which on an early version of Darkspore's official website also had Zelem's Nexus displayed as his homeworld. But like the Omicron, this was later changed to Infinity.
  • Their lore mentions that Omicrons "gained the powers of teleportation", though they do not have any teleporting abilities presently. If their true homeworld was once Zelem's Nexus, it would make sense that they'd have some sort of quantum-like ability. However, whatever ability that may have been was likely removed when they changed their homeworld to Infinity.

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