Minion necrodactyl var1

Onslaught variant of a Necrodactyl

Necrodactyls are nasty Necro Minions from Nocturna.

They attack by lobbing AoE Curses, that are almost undodgeable, if one has a slow hero.


Necrodactyls were the first Darkspore to unleash devastating casualties on the indigenous Imperial Nocturni Legion. They launch necrotic projectiles at their targets, inflicting cascading illness and suffering upon anything in range. When necrodactyls flock together, their attacks can inadvertently neutralize each other, so an assault by a dozen is no more dangerous than an assault by three. Nevertheless, an assault by three necrodactyls can quickly become lethal.


Don't use necro heroes. Slow melee heroes, like Wraith and Zrin should be switched out for faster and/or ranged heroes like Lumin, Arakna, and Seraph-XS.

Before they lob their curses, they need to pause for a very brief period, allowing heroes to get out of the way if they are quick enough.

If you happen to get cursed, try using abilities like Tork's Sporegenesis and Meditron's Syndrome Shift to remove the curse before it effects your heroes. The Syndrome Shift is the best though, because it can curse the Necrodactyls themselves with their own curse.


  • Necrodactyls look like a mix of a bat, a Pteranodon and an insect.
  • They're almost made entirely out of Spore Parts (their eyes may not be Spore parts).
  • Name Necrodactyl is perhaps refers to a necro-like Pterodactyl.

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