Muting Leucopod

A Muting Leucopod from Onslaught.

Muting Leucopods are small Necro Minions from Nocturna. They fire slow-moving projectiles that suppress heroes hit by the projectile.


Once muting leucopods were creatures of delicate beauty that communicated via stunning phosphorescent pulses, but the Corruptor transformed them into mutant monsters. As Darkspore, leucopods produce phoshorescent bursts that neuro-chemically silence their targets.


  • Invasion Variant: Exovoric Leucopod
They are similar to Blasting Fiends, except they have slower attacks and they don't strafe as often as the fiends do.

Their projectile is somthing to note because it suppresses any hero that gets hit by one, shutting down special abilities. While alone they are no threat, but in a large group with many other enemies killing them is a priority, because being suppressed during a big fight won't help you very much. This is also one of the few debuffs that Syndrome Shift can't backfire, since suppression shuts down special abilities.

Like all minions a simple basic attack will kill them, just move every now and then to keep yourself from getting shot by their suppressive blasts.


  • Other then their eyes they are completely made out of Spore parts.
  • They are seen in Andromeda's spotlight video as well.
  • Interestingly, part of their name is Greek. Leuco- is white, while -pod is foot. This is likely a reference to their skeletal appearence. Therefore, they are technically called Muting Whitefoot.
  • They are rumored to have an Elite Easter Egg, but has not been conformed yet.

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