Mending Tanglid

A Mending Tanglid from Onslaught.

Mending Tanglids are large humanoid Bio Lieutenants from Verdanth. Originally they were peaceful stewards of the Verdanthi forests, but were transfected into blood-thirsty monsters. They root heroes in place and call in allies to attack the trapped hero, all the while healing allies who take damage


Once the honorable stewards of the Verdanthi forest, mending tanglids were horrible mutated by the Darkspore into devastatingly fast, ultraviolent warriors. Covered with razor-sharp spines, armed with deadly claws, and possessed of the unstoppable will to kill, tanglids command the intense loyalty of their minions partly because their ability to heal them almost instantaneously. They can root their foes in place with vines to slice them to shreds.


Mending Tanglids are aggravating lieutenants, due to their ability to heal other Darkspore and root heroes in place. This utility makes them quite a threat on the battlefield when surrounded by other Darkspore.

When a tanglid first spots you it will root you in place, then call in its allies to come attack the trapped hero. The tanglid will then stand back, healing allies if any of them get hurt, and themselves if they get damaged.

If you get rooted use abilities like Vex's Chrono Blink and Blitz's Ride the Lightning to escape the roots and hurt the Tangild at the same time. If you don't have any heroes that teleport you can use Wraith's Ghostform to increase your dodge rating and to avoid getting hit by the nearby minions who will most likely be swarming all over you.

Tanglids aren't very dangerous alone and can be killed faster if you stun or terrify them. However they are never alone so dealing with them first is the best option. Of course one can kill all the other Darkspore before the tanglid can heal them.


  • Mending Tanglids have Arborus' feet.
  • Tanglids also have a the "Saginaughty" mouth from Spore.
  • Tanglids are also one of the cyclopean Darkspore.
  • Mending Tanglids have arguably the lowest damage output in Darkspore. Their rooting attack deals microscopic damage compared to other mutants, which the Corruptor has in his arsenal.
  • The grass on their back appears to be a Spore Tribal part.

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