Minion masertank var1

A Maser Tank from Onslaught.

Maser Tanks
are Cyber Minions from Scaldron. They move on wheels, zipping about and firing their short range laser at intruders. They also fill a support role, cleansing their allies of negative status conditions.
  • Invasion Variant: Maser Tank Cruiser
  • Apocalypse Variant: Maser Tank Delta


Maser tanks were originally Crogenitor technology designed to assist research as atomic clocks and as electronic amplifiers for radio telescopes. Once the Darkspore infected them, their masers became weapons, although powerful enough to kill only at short range. Maser tanks are dangerously fast, chasing after their foes relentlessly and ruthlessly, and they brutalize any foe they catch.


Maser Tanks are fast, but their beam has horrible range. They need to be right next to you in order to even hope to hit, so that allows you to pick them off with ranges attacks. Despite being Cyber herself, Seraph-XS would be good for taking out a group that is heading your way. However, their speed allows them to close the distance ridiculously fast. So it may be easier to let then come into melee range, then hit them hard.

They can also cleanse their allies of status conditions. Strangely, they are unable to cleanse themselves (In Apocalypse, they hilariously try to). More than one in a group can make this point moot, as they would heal each other, and it gives Heroes that rely on status conditions a hard time. Most Necro heroes with Affliction bolt have other ways to damage, but this power can cause all sorts of problems for Tork.
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Invasion level Maser Tank Cruisers closing in on Lumin


  • Maser Tanks most likely take their name from the Maser Cannon from various Japanese Diakaiju films by Toho Studios, most prominently the Godzilla Franchise. How they work has changed many times over the years, but ultimately, they are tanks used to fight hostile giant monsters and alien invaders by shooting laser beams. And like the Darkspore which are named after them, it doesn't take much to crush them.
  • Maser Tanks are the only Darkspore which move using wheels. For that matter, no Heroes use wheels either, making these Cyber Minions completely unique.
  • Their laser cannons are actually Arakna's Cashout Weapons, the Soul Destroyer.
  • Their wheels resemble the Spore Creepy and Cute parts pack's Necrye part, and may actually be those parts.