Magmatic Brute

A Magmatic Brute from Onslaught

Magmatic Brutes are huge lumbering Plasma Operatives who will spawn two Plasma Minions named Volt and Cinder.

They don't actually lock you down, Volt locks you down and Cinder wiLo breathe a cone-shaped fire attacks, once locked down the brute with walk over and pummel the hero with its fists.


Magmatic Brutes arose from plasma lagoons of planet Cryos. Originally simple geophages who peacefully tunneled their homeworld, they gained hyper-charged metabolisms via Darkspore mutation. Able to digest raw ore, magmatics excrete the tailings via vents on their backs molten rock in streams or chunks capable of wounding or killing anything they touch. Their massive strength enables them to devastate any creature in grappeling or head-striking distance. Two drones protect each magmatic brute, one exhaling explosive gases that engulf foes in flame, and the other employs unkown means to snare targets in place for magmatic destruction.


Magmatic Brutes like all Lockdown Agents,they only appear in Co-op and their goal is to trap and kill heroes, Volt and Cinder are your main concern when fighting them because Volt will march to a player's postion to lock them down, and Cinder will follow close behind getting ready to fire its explosive breathe on the hero.

The best way in dealing with a brute is to keep killing the Volt it spawns, Sage's Strangling Briars is perfect when dealing with Volt because it has low health, so saving a locked down player is quite easy. Magmatic Brutes although are dangerous with a group of Darkspore because Volt can sneak around the other Darkspore and trap a hero while they are busy fighting the other Darkspore.

Once Volt and Cinder are dead the brute is quite easy to deal with because it doesn't attack until Volt and Cinder are successfully spawned.


  • They have Lumin's hands and Blitz's feet and Zrin's drop-loot weapon, the Forge Bludgeon, on their backs.
  • They are the only Darkspore Operatives who don't lockdown the player themselves.
  • Because of the Forge Bludgeon on their backs, Magmatic Brutes count as armored Darkspore.
  • They actually have Blitz's head. The Storm Striker's bony plates make the mouth and "beard" of the Magmatic Brute.
  • Some resourceful players can "farm" the Magmatic Brute's spawns for DNA points, since they have very low health.

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