Minion kineticmines var1

An Onslaught Kinetic Mine

The Kinetic Mines are Plasma Minions native to the deserts of Scaldron.

Basic melee Darkspore, they hobble towards Heroes who wander into their territory, and attack with their club-like feet. Upon death, they burst, leaving explosive spheres imbedded in the desert sands.


Prowling the pits and craters of Scaldron, the creatures that became the kinetic mines were once humble geophages, subsisting on Scaldron's rich deposits of silicate minerals. Once the Darkspore mutated them, the mines became aggressive, even rampaging, attacking any creatures they saw. Their thorny exterior serves as offensive armor--any attempt to fight them physically guarantees the attacker will suffer at least as much as his target. When mines die, their bodies emit pustules that metastasize into a super-combustible ichor. Merely stepping near those pustules triggers them to explode.


  • Apocalypse Variant: Exploding Kinetic Mine
It isn't so much the Kinetic Mines that are dangerous as where they are fought. Kinetic Mines are often fought in the desert, with a sandstorm raging. With visibility restricted, maneuvering around the mines that are created is difficult. If you are surrounded, the best thing to do is wait until the mines have disintegrated.

Kinetic Mines themselves are best dealt with from a distance. This is perhaps one of the few instances where AOEs are an unwise choice, as the player will find themselves completely surrounded by mines, several of which are right under the Hero, exploding instantly. Sage and Savage's pets can also be used to set off the mines for you.


  • Kinetic Mines have the head of Zrin, and the feet of Char. Interestingly, the tusks fit into Zrin's mouth with such ease that one can't help but wonder if this was planned out when designing the final model for Zrin's face...