Lieutenant invincitron var1

An Invincitron from Onslaught.

The Invincitron is a Cyber Lieutenant.

Hulking automatons, the Invincitron crushes foes with it's massive hands, while it's drone peppers the enemy with light fire. When at half health, it will temporarily erect a sheath of energy to render it invulnerable.


Invincitrons once were Crogenitor defense mechanoids, but were quickly repurposed to destroying the Crogenitors via cybergenetic infection. When damaged in combat, invincitrons redirect their reserve energies into nearly impenetrable energy domes. While those domes are only short-lived, they provide sufficient protection for the invincitron's armed, flying drones to inflict devastating injury and destruction via particle beam.


  • Onslaught Variant: Invincitron
  • Invasion Variant: Invincitron Alpha
  • Apocalypse Variant: Supreme Invincitron
Invincitrons are primarily melee Darkspore, which passively attack with ranged energy. Once they reach half health, they will become invincible for a short period of time. During this time, nothing can harm them. The best thing you can to is focus on other enemies while waiting for their shield to drop. Characters who can deal high damage with each hit are useful here.


  • During the time that Raytheoids would spawn on almost every level, they would sometimes be replaced by Invincitron. Since recent patches, they have returned to their usual hunting grounds.
  • Despite their unusual arrangement of legs, Invincitrons are fully mobile, sometimes crossing their legs so they are in a more traditional stance.
  • They have the feet of SRS-42, the head (and eyes?) of Meditron.
  • The Supreme Invincitron has The Corruptor's mask on its back.
  • The Invasion Variant of Invincitrons has two Grenade Launchers (Seraph-XS's Default Weapon) on their backs.
  • Sometimes, if killed by Magnos's Kinetic Wave, Invincitrons will wobble in the air for a short amount of time, before falling apart.