Hypno Mantis

A Hypno Mantis from Onslaught.

The Hypno Mantis are Bio Lieutenants. They can be found in an abundance of areas and are the only enemy that can cast the Sleep debuff.


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Apocalypse Variant of Hypno Mantis: Sabre Mantis

Name: Hypno Mantis




Name: Razor Mantis





Name: Sabre Mantis






Like a few mutant children of the Darkspore, hypno mantises were once small, harmless creatures playing a vital role in their ecosystems. Now they're giant, repulsive, terrifying monsters, taller than the average sentient biped and more than capable of slaughtering sentients by the dozen in a single attack. But the mantis doesn't need to touch its prey to kill. Instead it propels a symbiotic plant that sprays toxins in a cloud. Mantises also possesses revivifying antigens and boosters that allow them to bring seemingly dead creatures back to action. If all its other attacks fail, mantises attack physically, with devastating results.


Hypno Mantises are dangerous enemies, mainly because they can immobilize the player and do so before they are even seen.

Hypno Mantises will launch a pod that will create a cloud of relaxation spores that will cause any hero in range to fall asleep. Althought the sleep can be broken if the hero is attacked, the cloud stays on the screen for about 8 seconds after the pod hits the ground, so even switching heroes is futile. The Mantis will then close in on the unconsious hero and attack physically with it's claws. After a hero is knocked out, the Hypno Mantis will give itself a ressurection aura, which will also work on any nearby enemies, allowing them to ressurect once after death, in some cases you can prevent it from ressurecting by killing it with a critical attack so it doesn't heal itself after death.

Any fast-moving ravager is good to use against these enemies, as they can avoid the sleep clouds and the generally slow-moving Hypno Mantis.

Also, many parts in the game will make heroes immune to sleep, making fighting Hypno Mantises much easier.

A good combination would be Blitz and Skar. Blitz can use Skar's squad ability, Shadow Cloak, then Ride the Lightning. With this attack, he'll easily get rid of the Mantis before it sees him. Blitz Delta is even better. he can use a Shadow Cloak+Flame Surge combination to slaughter everything around the Mantis without a chance of being ressurected, and if anything survives, just Shadow Cloak again and pick them off with Ride the Lightning.


  • Hypno Mantises were originally called "Hydro Mantis" and were exclusively found on Cryos. This was appearently changed for unknown reasons.
  • They have Char's head and feet and what appears to be Maldri's hands.
  • The part which lobs the sleeping pods is a Spore weapon part.
  • Sabre Mantises have the head, that, in early sketches for Darkspore made by Luke Harrington, was intended for Sage. The part, in Dark Injection, exists under the name "PotatoHead".