Homing Striker

A Homing Striker from Onslaught.

Homing Strikers are small Quantum Minions found on Zelem's Nexus, they fire projectiles that will follow the heroes they shoot at.


Homing Strikers are dangerous enemies on the battlefields of Nexus. Their low intelligence, however, causes their short-lived homing projectiles to pause mid-flight on the nearest target.


Homing Strikers are relatively easy enemies if dealt with properly, if you keep moving there is no way they can hit you, but stopping will make it easier for their quantum blasts to hit you.

Homing Strikers are no danger if they are alone, but in groups this can be a big problem, because you would spend most of your time ducking and dodging their blasts rather then fighting them, so use abilities like Sage's Strangling Briars from afar to weaken them or Vex's Time Bubble to slow down the projectiles.

When fighting use basic attacks on them and keep track of their quantum rays because they will follow you for a short amount of time before disappearing, but by this time a striker will have already have shot another blast so killing them up close before the blasts hits you is the best way to finish them.


  • They have Maldri's face, Skar's and Arakna's feet, and Tork's Fungal Blaster on their wrist.
  • Homing Strikers are also tripods in a way similar to Hasters.
  • Their claw is Maldri's hand.
  • They are an instance of armored Darkspore. (their blaster)

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