Lieutenant hauntstrider var1

A Haunt Strider from Onslaught.

Haunt Striders are Necro Operatives and can be annoying to deal with. They will emerge from stealth and commence to lock the target down.

Their "lock" is a giant web, that it covers the player with, it will first slow down the hero before locking the hero, once the web is fully emplanted, the strider itself will repeatedly tear the hero's flesh with its nail-like arms.


The terrifying haunt striders employ invisibility to stalk their prey. Before reaching point-blank range, striders snare their victims in place, and then become visible immediately before physically attacking and transfusing their target's life-force into their allies. The last sight a strider's victim sees before death is a phosphorescent eruption known historically as "the violent spectre of death."


The hardest thing about Haunt Striders (like all other Darkspore Operatives), is that when they spawn, the players are simply not prepared. Once they spawn, however, there will be a couple seconds before they lock a player down to get away. It is hard to avoid geting locked because the web slows you down.

Some good heroes to use are Sage, Meditron, Vex, Maldri, and Zrin. Sage can enrage the trapped hero, put a Tree Of Life near, while continously unleashing Strangling Briars and his Basic Attack. Meditron will be able to heal the trapped player with Reconstruct, Vex can stop it with Chrono-Blink, as well as Slow it with his Temporal Strike, Maldri can try to interrupt if he gets locked down with Probablility Assault, and Zrin can deal heavy damage while the Strider is distracted.

Other options are to take them out with debuffs or stun the Strider. Good choices for such operations would be Zrin, Krel, Viper, Goliath and surprisingly Wraith and Revenant. The last two, however, must be used with extreme caution, as they are Necrogenetic, which means if they will get locked down, they will lose health twice as fast.


  • 2012-12-28 00002

    Haunt Strider locks Andromenda

    Haunt Striders are almost made completely out of Spore parts except for their eyes.
  • To be more exact, there are other Darkspore made entirely out of Spore parts as Pathogenic Vegavores for example.
  • Elite Haunt Striders have been reported to spawn onto the battlefield. Whether this was fixed or not, remains unknown.
  • Like all Darkspore Operatives they will spawn on Scaldron.
  • In some cases, the Strider may move the hero if it is still being locked down or is currently locked down. If this happens, use something to slow the Haunt Strider down.
  • Spectral Striders have Skar's head, but turned upside-down.