Lieutenant haster var1

A Haster from Onslaught.

Hasters are strange Quantum Lieutenants found on Zelem's Nexus. They have the ability to speed up time for their allies.


Hasters alter the time stream surrounding themselves and their allies, speeding themselves up and therefore, in effect, slowing down their foes' movement and attacks. With high-speed projectiles, hasters can wound their sluggish foes from safe distances.


They can speed up their allies, hasting their movement and attack speed. This can be very annoying, as they can speed up already-speedy enemies, such as Sting Raiders or Strafing Drakons, making them even speedier. They also have a ranged attack, but the attack deals generally moderate damage, making them easy targets when alone.

  • Onslaught Variant: Haster
  • Invasion Variant: Time Haster

Using Blitz or Vex against them is a good idea, as teleporting to them will prevent them from hasting more allies, plus getting the advantage of being able to kill them faster with higher attack rate.

Another good idea is to use pets, as while you retreat, they'll still be attacking the Haster.


  • Hasters have some of the same features as certain heroes. They appear to have the same parts that make up Skar's head and Sage's gun. Also, their ability to speed up time is similiar to Orion's abilities.

    Offical concept art.

  • Before their official name was revealed, the Hasters were called "Temporal Twisters", likely as a reference to their hasting abilities.
  • Haster's are technically tripods because their other hand is a foot.
  • The concept art of a Haster shows that it's weapon is located on the left arm, as for the game, the Haster's weapon is on his right arm.