Lieutenant grapplingpulsar var1

A Grappling Pulsar

Grappling Pulsars are extremely deadly Quantum Lieutenants. Their attack is to draw you in with a beam and, once you're in range, unleash a volley of slashes in quick succession. These can be especially painful to Quantum heroes.


Using their quantum genetic powers on any planet they invade, grappling pulsars strike down enemies by the thousands. Their devastating energy bolts can also travel through or along surfaces, becoming gravitic grapplers that pull foes towards their attacker. Once pulsars have their drawn their enemies close, they overwhelm them with physical attacks.


  • Onslaught Variant: Grappling Pulsar
  • Invasion Variant: Clasping Pulsar
  • Apocalypse Variant: Raging Pulsar
The Grappling Pulsars have only one tactic in mind: slash the foe to smithereens with their claws. If the target is out of range, they use their gravitic grappler beam to pull in the enemy.

One of the best ways to take down Grappling Pulsars, is to slow or stop them (via debuffs) and then deal as much damage as possible while they're stunned. Ideal heroes for this strategy would be Vex (for his Chrono- Blink), Skar (for Shadow Cloak), and Meditron (for his heal and punch). Since Meditron's punch deals massive damage, and both Chrono Blink and Shadow Cloak are Squad Abilities, this combination would be possible in solo.


  • They have the same feet as Arakna and Skar.
  • They used to be called Uklideons in the Uklideon Template Challenge.
  • Because of the "Uklideon" Template Challenge, there is an Easter Egg of this darkspore, none has been reported so far.
  • Repulsion Sphere can deflect the grapple,and can even cause the grapple to pull an enemy into the Pulsar's claws.