Ghostly Tracker

A Ghostly Tracker from Onslaught.

Ghostly Trackers are small Necro Minions that come from Nocturna. They attack by charging at heroes and draining their health when trackers charge through them


Ghostly Trackers are relentless predators, and given their agility, highly difficult to strike. As low hoverers, they stalk their prey through Nocturna's phosphorescent foliage, camouflaging themselves inside it. But they emerge unexpectedly from their surroundings, interdimensionally hurling themselves through their targets. Such attacks nercotically drain the life-force of stifling tracker victims while also silencing them.


  • Apocalypse Variant: Ethereal Tracker (Reflective Elite for clearer appearance)
Ghostly Trackers are difficult to kill, even for minions, because they have a ghostly buff, so energy attacks are the only way to kill them. Sentinels and most Ravagers are usless around them.

Ghostly Trackers give a forewarning of their attack: they shriek right before charging and are immune to damage while charging. This gives you the chance to move out of the way.

Tempests are the best choice when fighting against trackers, so stay from afar and move out of the way if you see a tracker about to charge. Goliath is the only Sentinel who is effective at killing trackers, so use attacks like Electro Swath, or Shockwave to kill these ghostly foes. Arakna and Seraph-XS both are Ravagers that focus on energy damage, making them viable choices. Players using Arakna will need to be careful though, as she in the same Genesis type as the Tracker. Blitz's Plasma Wreath can be used to zap Trackers as they zip by. Meditron and SRS-42 are the best heroes to use though, as they fire homing projectiles, so they can blast the Trackers while dodging the charges.


  • They have Skar's mouth.
  • Ghostly Trackers are very similar to Shade Drifters.
  • Just like Shade Drifters, they are also one of the only enemies with innate ghostly buffs.
  • Ghostly Trackers hover above the ground.
  • Although their lore says, that their charges suppress heroes, none of that ever occured, that is Ghostly Trackers don't suppress players they charge through, but Shade Drifters however do.
  • The Tracker's Invasion Variant, the Stilfing Tracker, has Revenant's head.

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