Fragbot Mech

A Fragbot Mech from Onslaught.

Fragbot Mechs are small Cyber Minions from Infinity. They attack with rapid-fire dual machine guns, they also have a reflective buff around them so they resist most energy attacks.


Fragbot mechs are remnants from the end of Infinity's once thriving ecosystem, before over-industrialization and pollution destroyed nearly all animal life. Designed to protect dwindling watersheds that sustained their makers' lives, fragbot mechs were armed with rapid-fire machine guns to strike down biological and mechanical foes alike. They possess high resistance to energy attacks.
2012-04-21 00009

Apocalypse Variant: Fragbot Mech-X.


Fragbot mechs are one of the more dangerous minions, being able to spray rapid-fire bullets at their foes diminshing the heroes health quite quickly, their reflective buff that makes it hard for Tempests to land hits off these enemies.

Dealing with fragbots can be quick and easy with Ravagers and Sentinels who will cut these enemies down like trees. Although approaching them is difficult, because they lay down impressive fire on heroes, just wait for them to stop shooting then charge at them. Sentinels and Ravagers can just use simple melee attacks to finish them, only using abilities if there are many more Darkspore around. Sage's Strangling Briars is excellent for dealing with multiple mechs, because the briars do physical damage.

The main hero to stay away from is Goliath, as he is Cyber, meaning that every single shot from the Fragbot will crit, and his melee attacks do energy damage. The only version of Goliath that has physical damage is Goliath Beta, and as that ability is Charged Strike, it's usually bad as it's extreme overkill using one of the highest damage abilities against a Minion and not a Lituenant or Captain.

Fragbots on Cryos

Fragbots are deadly in groups.


  • Fragbot Mechs have Meditron's feet.
  • They are the one of the only Darkspore with a reflective buff that aren't Elites, other then the Lieutenants like the Laser Tank and Acid Shell.
  • Their guns in Onslaught are actually pieces of Vex's Cashout Weapons, the Draconian Scimitars.
  • The guns in Apocalypse are SRS-42's Explosive Launchers.

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