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Enemy Portal

Enemy Portals are destructible objects spawned by The Corrupter. While they themselves don't harm heroes, they spawn hordes of Minions and/or Elite Minions, any and all who are the same genesis-type that The Corrupter is at the time.

In addition, Enemy Portals have higher health than most destructibles, about same as a Lieutenant enemy. Multiple are spawned simultaneously at certain points around the boss-pit, and if they are all destroyed, The Corrupter may spawn more.


  • Enemy Portals look nearly identical to mid-level Horde Gates and Mutation Agents.
  • When Enemy Portals spawn minions, it uses the same teleportation effect that Horde Gates display when they teleport-in enemies or heroes.
  • Enemy Portals are a sort of 'pet', comparable to the black-holes spawned by Polaris (or The Corrupter if he's in a Quantum state).

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