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Electron Burster from Onslaught

Electron Bursters
are Plasma Minions that appear primarily on Cryos. Incredibly annoying in large groups, these tiny annoyances can become lethal very quickly, if not dealt with.


Electron Bursters don't have a lore, because they don't appear on the Darkspore website.


  • The special elite version of the Electron Burster. It's likely known as the Hamster Monster.
  • Hamster Monster
  • Special elite from the template challenge
  • Meanwhile, in 2015...
Electron Bursters are medium-to long range fighters, attacking with lethal precision and speed. Their electrical discharges travel instantly from the burster to the target, so even the fastest heroes are completely unable to avoid them. The best way to deal with Electron Bursters is to stack Resist Rating and attacking from range or drag the bursters to melee combat. The only backfire to the latter strategy are the Ghostly and Spiky Affixes from Elites. The Ghostly Affix can be ignored by Goliath though, as his basic attack is classed as an energy attack.


  • They have Wraith's feet and Blitz's hands..
  • There is also a special Elite version of this enemy, nicknamed "the Hamster Monster", only appearing if Electron Bursters are present on the level.
  • The Hamster Monster has Char's head.
  • At a glance, the Electron Burster is similar to Necro lieutenant Carrion Shambler with its armor removed.