Minion electricsloth var1

An Electric Sloth from Onslaught.

Electric Sloths are Plasma Minions from Cryos. Slow and tough, they take time to kill and keep Heroes occupied.


Once electric sloths were quiet scavengers, cleaning the rainforest floors of pre-ice age Cryos of rotting carcasses. Following Darkspore mutation, the sloths became violent omnivores, relentlessly attacking their prey with electron-bolts. Heavily armored and difficult to kill, the sloths are slow-moving but relentlessly chase any enemy approaching them. Some hunters claim their meat is exquisite... yet few live to bring their bounty of Cryos.


  • Simulated Darkspore Sloth as seen in the Simulator Mode
  • Onslaught Variant: Electric Sloth
Electric sloths are slow, but determined enemies. They will relentlessly pursue their prey until their demise. To deal with a sloth effectively you need to focus with area effect attacks to ware down the sloths.

Since they are minions, they will often be found in groups so it is wise to use Sage's Strangling Briars to weaken the sloths, then just pick them off from afar and you will be fine.


  • Eletric Sloths have the head and feet of Blitz. It is possible that his species, the Reptiloids, have descended from these creatures.
  • Volt Sloths, the Electric Sloths' Invasion Variant, have Zrin's head.
  • Despite their lore, they do not fire electron bolts at heroes.
  • The Simulated Darkspore Sloths are visually identical to ordinary Electric Sloths aside from having a different color.
  • Ionic Sloths (Apocalypse Variant) have Lumin's head.

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