Eclectic Striker

An Eclectic Striker from Onslaught.

Eclectic Strikers are small insect-like Quantum Minions from Scaldron. They attack with quantum blink attacks in close-range and then blink back after the attack.


Eclectic Strikers have always been devious predators and attackers on the ruined surface of Scaldron, but once possessed of Darkspore mutations, they became immeasurably more destructive. They evolved for quick hit-and-run tactics on their prey, waiting for accumulated wounds to bring down their quarry for later feasting. But given their mutant teleport, strikers can now descend on their targets without warning. Once positioned, they hit with all the force they can deliver before teleporting away, only to return as soon as they are able.


Eclectic Strikers are quite annoying despite their size and can deliver a payload of damage on a single target given the chance. Their quantum blink attacks make it easier for them to get close enough to hit you.

Strikers attack with their claws in quick slashes before blinking away, this gives you a chance to strike them if you are using Sentinals or Ravagers, but they are easier to deal with if you use a Tempest because staying away from them is better for your hero's health.

Sage's Strangling Briars is a great ability to use if you use it from afar, because the strikers have to get in a certain distance before they can actually attack you, Goliath's Arc Weld provides a great advantage if you are surrounded by them as well.


  • Eclectic Strikers have Magnos' feet and Maldri's hands.
  • Their attacks are similar to Maldri's Quantum Superposition ability.
  • Their body is slimar to mantis.

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