Minion dynosphere var1

Onslaught Variant Dynosphere.

Dynospheres are Cyber Minions from Infinity. A very basic melee enemy, Dynospheres are made to distract players, their shields absorbing damage.


The mutant offspring of AI ordinance and biotechnology, dynospheres are spike-armored, quadrapedal cyborgs who specialize in concussive attacks. Encased inside energy-sheaths, dynospheres are dangerously resistant to conventional and eclectic attacks. During their primary assault mode, they roll themselves into spheres, hurling themselves at their targets at tremendous speed, inflicting terrible damage.


The Dynosphere's sole purpose in life is to waste the player's time. With its shield, the Dynosphere can take a few more basic attacks, either using up the player's time or power. Just focus on larger threats first, then kill these minions.

Taking care of these minions is a simple task, Sage's Strangling Briars will take down the shields of these foes, making it easier for you to finish them off.


  • The Onslaught Dynospheres do not have any foot parts, just like Suppression Mechanoids.
  • Their "face" is made from a Defense Part. They also have the same defense part on their backs.
  • Dynosphere's Shields can be stolen using Meditron's Syndrome Shift.
  • These Darkspore are some of the only characters in the game who possess the Shielded Affix innately, aside from Shielded Elites, Captains and Titan.
  • On Apocalypse, Dynospheres are named Hurtling Dynospheres. They have Savage's Double-Fanged Glove on their backs and Char's Pyro Cistern for faces.

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